Course Tour

Course Tour

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Timberlake Club offers a 9-hole course that will test all skill levels. With its small, challenging greens and tight, undulating fairways, our course will entertain even the most avid golfer. Some of our reachable par 4’s offer a risk/reward for the longer hitters, and our par 3’s will test your wits. We also provide a second set of back tees for those wanting an 18-hole experience.

Come and enjoy our hidden gem, we know you won’t be disappointed.

#1 – Par 4

Men’s Front: 253 yds. Men’s Back: 272 yds.
Women’s Front: 232 yds. Women’s Back: 246 yds.

Starting off with the easiest hole on the course, the tee shot here is very important. The longer hitters will find great reward in this reachable par4. But be careful, lining the left side is out-of-bounds. Shots to the right tend to feed off of the hill into a greenside bunker. The green slopes from back to front, and can be a heartbreaker depending on pin placement. Look to start your round with a par or good birdie here.

#2 – Par 4

Men’s Front: 300 yds. Men’s Back: 325 yds.
Women’s Front: 216 yds. Women’s Back: 249 yds.

A difficult dogleg left with a steep hill lining the right rough and part of the fairway. Left side makes for an easier approach, but out-of-bounds left can make for a tough tee shot. A small green that funnels left awaits, and approach shots missing long or left can get you into big trouble. A bunker sits on the right of the green to catch errant shots. You should be happy with a par here, but birdie is not out of the question.

#3 – Par 3

Men’s Front: 203 yds. Men’s Back: 228 yds.
Women’s Front: 151 yds. Women’s Back: 199 yds.

Our toughest hole and one of the most challenging par 3’s in the area, what you see is what you get. Though it seems very straightforward, this hole can ruin a round quickly. Out-of-bounds left invites players to bail-out right, but a tree lined fairway makes for a tough second shot. Be careful to not go long, the strokes will pile up if you do. Take your par here and run, don’t walk to the 4th tee.

#4 – Par 4

Men’s Front: 259 yds. Men’s Back: 272 yds.
Women’s Front: 225 yds. Women’s Back: 258 yds.

Another reachable hole for the long hitters. However, some players might prefer to lay up on top of the hill for a better look at their second shot. Those going for the green will encounter tall trees on the right side of the fairway. A valley 75-80 yds. shy of the green awaits those who run into tree trouble or hit it short, making your approach tougher to the elevated green. Pine trees lay on the left side and two small bunkers sit on the right. The green slopes from front to back and can be extremely challenging depending on pin placement. You’ll take a par here, but a nice approach could set you up for birdie.

#5 – Par 4

Men’s Front: 354 yds. Men’s Back: 366 yds.
Women’s Front: 290 yds. Women’s Back: 316 yds.

This fairly straight hole has woods lining the left hand side rough. Watch out for incoming and outgoing traffic as the road hugs the right side. Pines separate the fairway and road and frequently catch errant shots. The biggest green on course seems fairly easy to hit, but you’ll find it to be one of hardest. Some players like to hit it short and let the ball run up, but get a strange bounce and your in for a long hole. Missing left, long or right can be devastating. Par’s a good score here, but a birdie would be a pleasant surprise.

#6 – Par 4

Men’s Front: 338 yds. Men’s Back: 340 yds.
Women’s Front: 249 yds. Women’s Back: 260 yds.

A thinking man’s hole here, this dogleg left challenger can turn a round sour quick. Some of the longer hitters might try and take it over the trees left. Most try and play off the hill right and hope for a good kick back into the fairway. Going left can spell disaster, what with no hazard, you have to find your errant shot. With the tee shot out of the way, the approach is even tougher. This green has a brutal slope located at the front left that will penalize any short approach shot. The rest of the green slopes severely from right to left and can punish poor putts. Be happy with your par and move on to the 7th.

#7 – Par 3

Men’s Front: 125 yds. Men’s Back: 134 yds.
Women’s Front: 125 yds. Women’s Back: 134 yds.

At first glance, this might not look all that daunting. But this short, downhill par 3 can be nasty if you’re not careful. Out-of-bounds sits behind and to the right of the green and a bunker hides left. A two-tier green that slopes from front to back awaits your tee shot. The front of the green doesn’t offer quite the incline #6 does, but short sided shots tend to roll back off the green. Par’s good here, but precise short iron players might look for birdie.

#8 – Par 4

Men’s Front: 293 yds. Men’s Back: 315 yds.
Women’s Front: 240 yds. Women’s Back: 292 yds.

Another pretty straightforward hole. Look to hit a long iron/fairway wood off the tee to keep it in play. Right/middle of the fairway is a good spot for an approach. The left/middle of the fairway slants to left. Shots hit straight with a draw might find the rough, or even out-of-bounds. A long, narrow and elevated green lies ahead for your approach. Missing the green anywhere but short could spell trouble as your recovery chip shot is one of the toughest on the course. The green slopes slightly from right to left. It’s been said that this green is the highest point in Peoria, but depending on how many strokes you just took, that will be the last thing on your mind. Be thankful for a par here and get ready for the home hole.

#9 – Par 3

Men’s Front: 189 yds. Men’s Back: 206 yds.
Women’s Front: 153 yds. Women’s Back: 189 yds.

Another long, quite demanding par 3. Though the green seems big compared to previous holes, it’s also very tough to hit. Trying to run up a shot is fairly difficult because of a slightly elevated green. No bunkers surround the green, but missing anything but short can lead to a big score. Nothing really puzzling with the green, but you may encounter some longer-than-average putts. Take your par and go enjoy our clubhouse!